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297 weeks ago, by John
I Hate Shopping...
The High Street experience is something I'll only do under the duress of necessity - gormless shoppers, nauseating staff. Like many, I'll do whatever I can online.

Retail is in the doldrums, it needs a rethink. For me, shops should become places to play and try things, where you can relax and experiment, where there's no pressure to buy or sign up for a bloody store card.

Maybe the future of shopping will more like trade shows where brands display their wares, and fulfilment is done online?
296 weeks ago, by James
That's one of the big challenges for retail. Many are trying products out in shops and then coming home to order online, often from a different retailer.

Some brands are talking about charging a fee for a demo. Could that ever work? Under what circumstances would anyone pay to try something?
296 weeks ago, by John
Fees for demos? Can't see that working at the point of sale.

Fees for decent post purchase advice might work though...

Say you've bought a new camera and want to get the best from it, or a new bike and you want some professional advice on set-up.

Proper, non-salesy advice, not from a disinterested spotty oik, but someone who knows their domain... that could work, building loyalty and creating a deep differentiator.
296 weeks ago, by James
That's a good point. There are a number of people who I will use because I trust them implicitly and cost isn't the main issue.

Maybe it was the spotty oik sales assistant who actually killed the high street and left the door open for the internet.
296 weeks ago, by Jackie
People don't even go home to buy online; they just go to a shop to see the thing in real life, then use their smartphone there and then to shop around for the best price and buy online.
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