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277 weeks ago, by James
Government Strategies
The latest article on MarketingLens reports on a Government strategy to bring it's digital marketing and communications 'in house'. They are doing this with the support of 30 external agencies.

Is there anything that the Government does along these lines that doesn't begin with 'recipe for disaster' written all over it?
276 weeks ago, by Jackie
Recipe for disaster. First, take one Government...
276 weeks ago, by James
... add one well intentioned and, at first glance, plausible idea ...
276 weeks ago, by Suzan
This is a piss-take, right? How the hell are they "bringing digital marcoms in-house" if they're then outsourcing it all again to 30 external agencies?

Mind you I'm not surprised, having been watching the government wasting similarly huge amounts of time/money reorganizing the NHS into everything it was before, only reshuffled. And oh, yes. The GPs whom the govt. thought would like to have a go at running the NHS actually don't want to, because they're doctors. Surprise!

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