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258 weeks ago, by Jackie
I get most of my business via face-to-face marketing AKA networking. I'm no longer a member of any formal networking organisations, but I've attended two breakfast meetings this week.

They entail getting up at the crack of dawn, mingling with other local business-owners, and being bright and breezy about what I do and what referrals I'm looking for as well as being friendly and helpful to make connections for them.

It's not even lunchtime yet, and I'm already exhausted.
258 weeks ago, by James
I've been thinking about going to some networking events recently. You never know who you'll meet and most of the time they're not so bad. I can say I'm relishing the idea completely though.
257 weeks ago, by Jackie
I enjoy them from time to time - but I don't like the early mornings.
257 weeks ago, by Tim
I've just left BNI after 8 years. My business changed & new new category was already taken.

I am enjoying the break if I am frank, because IT IS hard work. It's also fun & I've made good friends through it.

We had 40 people in our group & were no.1 in the UK a few years back in our organisation, but meeting quality varies enormously.

I was always tired come the evening, but what's the alternative? Give up hours in the day to have a lunch meeting? Or work a whole day and go in the evening?
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